living naturally

The meaning of the Balinese philosophy Tri Hita Karana comprises spirituality, harmony with nature and harmony among people.

Daily prayers are a natural part of our Balinese life. Flowers, rice and incense sticks are regularly laid out, with thoughts of well-being and peace.

The garden is very important for us. We maintain and design it naturally and with a variety of species so that humans and animals can enjoy it. Various birds and lizards, wild bees, butterflies, praying mantises and similar appear for patient observers. Our honey bees also find food here. Their home, the beehives, are, however, separated from the guests area.

The guest rooms were without air conditioning for many years and most of our guests felt comfortable with the open ventilation windows and fans. Now all rooms are equipped with air conditioning and all windows have glass panes. We can happily switch to "without air conditioning" on request. Insect screen on the open ventilation windows and mosquito nets over the beds protect against uninvited visitors.

For washing and cleaning, we mainly use natural and environmentally friendly cleaners such as soap nuts, vinegar, citric acid and baking soda. Waste from the kitchen and garden is composted. Recyclable garbage is sorted out and taken to the recycling collection point. The hot water for showering is obtained by solar energy. A drinking water dispenser is present in the kitchen and we encourage all guests to fill up their drinking bottles from it when they are going on a trip.

And last but not least, we ask our guests not to smoke in the rooms. Thank you!



How to reach us:

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