living naturally

The population in North Bali is growing continuously. It´s becoming increasingly necessary to live in harmony with the environment, including offering "green" accommodation for guests.


Our environment friendly measures include:

  • Rubbish and waste disposal:
    • All organic material from the kitchen and garden gets composted.
    • Recyclable rubbish gets separated
    • Other rubbish is taken to the official depot.
  • We provide drinks in returnable bottles and drinking water in a water dispenser. Guests are welcome to fill up their drinking water for out and about from here.
  • Saving electricity:
    • Solar energy is used for hot water production..
    • We continuously change to LED lighting
  • Environment friendly cleaning:
    • Local soap nuts and natural laundry detergents for washing clothes.
    • Vinegar and newspaper for windows and mirrors.
    • Vinegar essence and baking powder for toilets.
  • In the backyard we are in the early stage of keeping bees in a way that respects the nature of bees.


And at this point we would like to ask our guests:

  • not to smoke in the rooms
  • to take empty batteries back home with them
  • and simply to enjoy Bali in an environment friendly way with us!

How to reach us:

Made Aryawan, Jalan Saraswati, Kalibukbuk, Lovina,

81151 Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia * Tel. 0062-362-3391133

E-mail: *