news: renovations, bees......

usually you see monitor lizards on the ground or in the water. This one was high up in the bamboo opposite the Saraswati Holiday House garden.

In February 2019 we put insect screens to all open ventilation windows (which are above the normal windows) in all sleeping rooms.

All insects and geckos must stay outside!

Our beekeeping place in the backyard.

During the year 2018 we changed all hives to a smaller size. The native bee apis cerana is smaller than apis mellifera and makes smaller colonies. So they feel better and grow well in smaller hives. In front some blossoms from viola local, a good source of protein. The bees collect pollen there at 9 o' clock in the morning. Healthy breakfast!

In September 2019 two bee swarms moved in. We have hanged empty hives in our trees and without any lures they have chosen our place. After 4 weeks, the colonies and honeycombs look pretty good and healthy.
We harvested some honey in October. The last honey from dark honeycombs and the honey itself also dark. Next to it a glass of honey from the harvest a few months earlier: light and now creamy. We harvest very little. Leave most for the bees themselves and only feed in times of need, e.g. after a long rainy season, only moderately with palm sugar syrup.