news: renovations, bees......

usually you see monitor lizards on the ground or in the water. This one was high up in the bamboo opposite the Saraswati Holiday House garden.

So that you feel safe with us, here are our Corona measures:

Our employees wash their hands at the start of work and often in between.
The bungalows and the kitchen house are cleaned once or twice a day.
Handles, switches, everything that is touched together is disinfected on a regular basis.
Bed linen is washed at 60 degrees; all towels by a professional laundry.
Catering service from selected restaurants for everyone who wants to eat in the complex.
We make sure we keep enough distance from our guests.
Anyone who cannot travel due to Covid-19 will receive a 100% refund of the deposit.
Thorough ventilation with all fans on when guests change.
Guests can rent the entire facility for their own use upon request.


This is the beach east of the fishing village, only a 5 - 10 minute walk from Saraswati Holiday House. In November 2020 the government planted many coconut trees there. The left side of this section has sandy seabed, very nice for swimming.To the right side there is a coral reef, ideal for snorkeling straight from the beach.

For different sections of Lovina such domes are made, which create an artificial reef.

We wish great success!

So that the underwater world in North Bali becomes even more biodiverse, colorful and healthy.
And the workers are happy to get a job in these difficult times of the Corona.

November 2020

After a long time at the end of July 2022 we harvested honey again. The bees used all honey themselves for the months through the long rainy season and we usually do not feed. So the yield of 3 removed honeycomb was this glass full. We have hung the parts of the honeycombs with brood and pollen back into the hive.

The beehives can also be seen in the picture. Unfortunately, there is only one with a bee colony. A lot of coconut trees and other trees were felled in the area around and nectar and pollen is probably just enough for this colony.

The bee colony, part of which swarmed out with the old queen about 6 weeks ago, is now growing again. At the moment - August 2023 - we only have one colony, but it can survive without feeding.