news: renovations, bees......

We had a renovation in October 2016:

Broken-down terracotta tiles have got changed with new ones in the small bungalow.

The guest kitchen and the large bungalow have got totally new light-colored tiles.

Fresh painted walls inside.

And two new beds.

Enjoy staying in partially new Saraswati Holiday House!


Information about our bees/apiary in the beginning stage:

After a few losses, on 06.11.2016 voluntarily a bee colony entered a top bar hive in the back yard.
Whether it is the same colony that flew under our roof a week before, was resettled and then escaped again? Who knows! But for sure: bees are fascinating!

A bee swarm from our apiary made a short stop at a tree with Honolulu creeper.

Thanks to my "bee friend" Wayan, who divided a colony in two, we finally have 3 hives with bees (Apis Cerana) in October 2017. The bees look healthy, all colonies are large and the honey combs are filled and hopefully provide enough food for the upcoming raining season.

In October there is normally very hot weather, so this year 2017 too. The garden is dry, but still we don't water too much. Saving water and let the plants feel the normal change during the year with a dry season. Some plants like our orchids like this time very much: they are in full bloom.

new and fresh paint for the walls at the veranda of the small bungalow as well as for the guest kitchen in March 2018.